Welcome to Magical Mystery and Golden Sun Healing Arts

Golden Sun Healing Arts is a Creative and Healing Arts Studio. Situated in the countryside of the Texas Hill Country, it is quiet with a peaceful atmosphere.

Sole owner and practitioner, LeAnn has devoted 26 years to the healing arts. She started her journey with an 8 year apprenticeship with a Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Healer everyone called “Doctor Fred”. It became an in-depth personal study into bio energetics and structural dynamics. After which she attended massage school and founded Golden Sun Healing Arts in 1998. She has taken naturally to sound healing and uses tuning forks, crystal bowls, a 26 inch Chau Gong and a vibroacoustic sound table. LeAnn also offers an esoteric form of sacred geometry with jade needles, massage / bodywork and energetic touch.

She has used the portable stress relief system (EmWave) from HeartMath since it was first developed. It was through the use of these bio feedback devices that LeAnn decided to attend a training at the HeartMath Institute in California to become a 1:1 provider. She has personally experienced that being in an authentic feeling state provides healing, resilience, and solace from an over analytical mind.

LeAnn is a writer of poetic prose and often combines her inspired style of writing with healing. Whether for herself or others the combination has an overall empowering effect.