Aura photograph

Bio Energetics

Bio energetics is a study into the subtle fields of the human body and is more of a felt sensation than something we see. All advanced therapeutic modalities move into the energy aspect of healing. This is where they all become one and the same, because energy is energy is energy! It is that simple. Often there are self corrective postures where energies can begin to realign themselves through passive traction, compressive holds, or movements.

Another form takes us into Esoteric Healing with Sacred Geometry. Patterns are laid out on the body through intention with light touch or with the use of jade stones. The jade acts as by stimulating or sedating the movement of energy along the surface of the skin, connecting the points, and building a grid. It is believed that the physical body is affected by limiting beliefs and ideas that keep us from our reaching our truest potential. When these perceived realities lift, our auras can heal the illuminated field that surrounds us. This permeable shield handles these frequencies as information and begins to download that information to us. Our bodies are truly amazing.

This dynamic field is being measured with bio feedback devices and can be seen with sensitive instruments. Science has turned its’ attention to energy and it has now become a proven study. There has been a defining of something we cannot see, but somehow knew existed. The fables and myths of childhood expand on the subtle magic of life where healing happens in an instant when some love is sprinkled on it. A sense of innocence and awe emerges from the fact that we are bio energetic beings. When we connect to our more subtle nature we can expand our awareness and through calming the restless mind we are free to experience a greater stillness.