I discovered many years ago that detoxification was going to become a lifestyle for me. I had been doing seasonal and sporadic cleanses for years that often provoked a response, but always stopped there. I knew there was an embedded issue and thought I could manage it. Honestly, the more I cleansed and detoxed the worse I felt. While I was already living a fairly natural life, I found it wasn’t enough to reach the wellness I remembered. When the core of the toxic load itself began to surface and the actual mechanism in my body for detoxification had shut down, the real work began.

The environment is quite toxic and depending on our exposures some of us are better suited for handling the barrage of chemicals that are byproducts of this experimental and industrial age. From the atmosphere to products we are bombarded daily. Our bodies can adapt to a wide range of these possibilities though the burden is becoming harder to bear. Look around and it becomes obvious. Is it normal for such a large portion of a seemingly affluent society to be so sick from what looks to be environmental illness?

Every one of us is different. However, the implications of living in the present conditions on our planet are the same. We are connected by the streams of our atmosphere worldwide, we share large oceans and food supplies. It is how we handle the stresses and meet these toxic burdens that begins to define our health. A home sauna is a good first line of defense. With detoxification, natural living and cleansing protocols a person can still thrive in today’s world. There is something to be said for a daily commitment to wellness. Some form of detoxification has become essential for daily life and squeezing the juice of a whole lemon in water is one way start.

There are many paths to healing and several ways to address detoxification. Find one that suits your needs and fits into your lifestyle, then do it a step at a time. Prevention plays a big role in wellness and optimal health so there is really nothing to lose and everything to gain. I have links to resources I have found interesting and helpful. There is a library of information in one place and a person can find what interests them the most.

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