Earthing is something very natural that has rapidly become a science. The modern lifestyle we have adopted has insulated us from the healing nature of the Earth. While the science of Earthing has made people more aware that there is a connection between wellness and protecting ourselves from the excesses of man made electronic signals, it contains its’ own paradox.

For me Earthing is a natural connection to the planet and nature. When I get into the natural world I always feel better. One of my favorite things is getting far enough away from the cities and towns that there is no service to connect to. Sometimes I need a little help to lay down my smart phone, get away from emails, and the subsequent access to the internet.

In lieu of the big getaway the earth offers us so much every day. A patch of grass to walk on, a large rock to sit on, a tree to befriend, a sky to gaze upon, a fire to share its warmth or any form of water can offer us a recharge. Allowing natural light into our eyes a few minutes a day can also be beneficial in many ways. Earthing can be compared to cleansing or bathing with the elements. Slowing down to spend time with the earth, air, fire, and water with an intention to use the elements as a healing practice can restore balance to our often hurried lives. Simplicity is the key and remember that connecting with another human being can only magnify our experience.

When we go barefoot or wear soft natural soles we are in touch with the earth. I remember as a child even our sandals had leather soles and tennis shoes were cotton. Natural footwear still exists and with a little effort we can find it. Traditional native styles can come without foam inserts and rubber bottoms too. We just need to be willing to let our feet reconnect with the ground part of the time.

Houseplants and flowers bring the earth inside, add beauty, and support fresh oxygen. There was a book written in the 1970’s called “The Secret Life of Plants”. The experiments with houseplants showed scientifically that plants respond to music as well as our emotional and mental states. I found that fascinating and have seen evidence of it through my own long term relationship with plants. These types of studies suggest to me that we are also in a dynamic relationship with the living attributes of our planet.

If we were to look and listen closely we might discover that we are part of one large ecosystem that is interconnected for optimal growth and life here on planet earth.