Massage with Hot and Cold Stones

Stones have a long history for being used as tools. The application of hot and cold stones to the body is no exception. The different stones have a frequency of their own and have deep penetrating effects whether they are heated or cooled. When the temperatures are alternated there is an actual chemical release within the autonomic system of the body that restores balance. When the various stones glide along the surface of the skin there is a melting sensation ~ hot and cold. This is an ancient practice and there is a fine art in listening to the different stones.

Basalt is the most commonly used stone in massage. The black stones hold their heat for extended periods and release it back to the tissues slowly. The energy they emit is very grounding and healing. Their shapes are natural and basalt is found in the riverbeds and volcanic regions of the world.

Marble is a cut stone and used for cold application. The white and sardonic stones hold their temperatures at least 10 degrees cooler than the ambient air and supply an interesting balance to the heated stones. When stimulating the circulatory structures with alternating hot and cold a profound effect is experienced within the autonomic nervous system.

Jade is a stone that has been used for centuries in healing and can be used both hot or cold. The properties of jade are said to be harmonious with the human being. It is a very grounding and nurturing stone in its versatility. Jade can be shaped into small, medium, and large rollers for application to the face and body that produces a direct effect on the lymph.

Selenite is a very soft stone and can be heated or used room temperature. It is fragile in nature and will melt in water. It can be shaped into wands or hand size massage tools. The satin spar selenite used in massage has fiber optic qualities and can transmit light and color.