Introduction to Poems

Allow me to introduce my poetry.

These poems are a deep inner musing that come from quiet inspiration and an experiential process. The place from which I write them is connected to what I sense as the beauty of all creation. Feeling my way through the landscape of thickets and open terrain, I have found that emotions are movements we make and they are in a constant flow.

These words can produce profound imagery, so I invite you to feel through the symbolism of an open heart. The multi layered prose portrays the one heart we can all potentially feel and each stanza will be experienced differently by each reader.

I have always loved to write and over time have developed my own distinct style. The poetry is meant to provoke feeling sensations, create atmosphere and illuminate images of a transformative process that has taken years to get into this format. This is a very private place for me and sharing it has always felt risky. Having a poem published is like exposing my heart to the world.

I welcome you now to take a peek into your own open heart. For that which you see in me is you.