Lifestyle as a Choice

Every morning we wake up and begin making choices. Whether we have conscious or unconscious thoughts about it we start a new day. While there are many contributing factors to the way the day may go, we have decisions to make. There are very few things we are in control of in the outer world. However, it is within our capacity to respond to any given situation with clarity and how we respond begins to shape our lives.

The choices we make form patterns that become our lifestyles. Sometimes they are habits we are loyal to and will defend. Can we choose again, change our strategy and possibly receive a different outcome? Can we decide if it is worth the price we pay to eat foods and support habits that undermine the foundation of our health?

We can shop small farms or farmers markets. While it may be a little more inconvenient it is well worth the time invested to eat fresh food. Often times we make contact with the grower and see the effort that goes into the production of food. As a bonus for everyone we also get to support a more local and people based economy.

When the farm or market is unavailable, a trip to the store is at hand. Since many choices are being made for us in this global environment we can educate ourselves and do our best with what we are offered. Supporting organic production and sustainable use of resources is one way to choose and has an impact overall. We can grow some of our own food. The very act of it connects us to a natural rhythm. It can be very rewarding to eat what is produced by our own hands. Digging in the dirt has always been satisfying to me, something about feeling the earth between my fingers and the natural smell of compost invites me outdoors.

There are ways to create a safer environment indoors. One way is to turn off non essential breakers to the house at night, especially where we sleep. It’s a place to begin and is easy enough to try. Keeping a flashlight nearby and using battery operated clocks can ease the transition. Using natural cleaning products is another way of removing the toxic load from our personal lives. Providing us with a safer home to live and sleep. These simple step can prevent so much down the line.

Lifestyle is how we live and our choices guide us. Our choices are the source of what we create. When we practice building coherence with bio feedback devices such as emWave and Inner Balance from HeartMath we can see the effect our emotions and thoughts have on us immediately. Coherence is defined as the alignment of our heart, mind, emotions, and body in a state of resonance and cooperation. Slowing down for a minute or two and reminding ourselves to take a few deep breaths can produce measurable changes in our autonomic rhythms. The science behind HeartMath shows that feeling appreciation can produce resilience in our lives giving us intuitive access to our highest choices. Their newly relased book titled Heart Intelligence has a wealth of information and inspiration inviting us to take charge of our lives and create our own fulfillment. A journey into ones’ inner heart can reveal many new perspectives.