Love Answered Me

ripped apart
by the magnitude of the earths fury
erupting into the darkened sky
I lay weeping in abundance
my heart bleeding
from the excessive blunt force
that threw me on the ground

wounded and bruised
I gain entry
to an all familiar place
the sanctuary of my inner world
where the spider of creation
weaves her web

energy rises in rippling waves
shaking me from slumber
roaring at me
as it passes through
the filter of my personality
returning to the cosmic territory
from which it came

time and space
have no meaning here
when we call upon the clear light
to shine upon the shadow of our dreams

razed by the fire
of a scorpions sting
I have become
a crystalline form
hidden in the wilderness
deep inside
the sacred mountain

gazing into the luminous reflection
of a glassy oracle
the still golden pond of awareness
shares with me
a glistening pearl