The Lovers Cookbook

Years ago while eating with a friend, we smacked our lips and said, “Now that goes in The Lovers Cookbook”.

We had been reading poetry to each other and had discovered Rumi’s discourse on the Lover as someone who is immersed and lifted in the momentary act of Loving what is. Whatever the ultimate source of that Love, it is Loving.

Since we were eating and having this enticing conversation, sharing the meal took on a whole new meaning and we began The Lovers Cookbook. We became Lovers of Food, outdoing ourselves at every meal. Recipes were a thing of the past and served only as a guide. We never wrote anything down for the tastes were blazed into our taste buds and the memory was ablaze in our hearts. We knew that it was impossible to recreate the very same thing ever again. Every moment is different after all and every condition adds to the moment. These conditions are in a constant flux and it is very difficult to get the same results twice. The experience can only grow, developing with time. Food became so simple.

The Lovers Cookbook is more about an experience one has with the heart of food. Bringing to the table an awareness for Love to emerge in the moment. From the moments of selection, to the moments of preparation, to the moments of sharing, to the moments of tasting the delicate ever so changing tastes of a delicious meal.

I suppose I could share foods and combinations of foods, but to what purpose does that serve? Where does that leave the imagination? The Lovers Cookbook is about living food. A living awareness that love and nourishment go together in the deepest sense of the words. The greatest compliment a cook can hear is when people say, “I feel the love in this meal”. If they can feel the love then the taste buds burst into a glorified state of salivating bliss and you are on the path to experiencing your very own Lovers Cookbook.

I have an idea ~ The Lovers Cookbook is empty. We can fill it with anything our hearts desire. Share in large portions with a fellow Lover of Life. There is enough to go around, and around, and around.