My Sensing Heart

Eye of My Heart

If my heart could see ~ who would it see
with an eye in the center of my chest
feeling its way
it might see

If my heart could see ~ what would it see
hidden in the darkness of my chest
protected by an invisible shield
belonging to a lineage
from so long ago
it might see
a footprint
of you

If my heart could see ~ where would it look
living within the temple of my own chest
glancing into my own humanity
it might see me there
in you

If my heart could see ~ why would it see
with a hole blown open in the middle of my chest
looking thru the tattered edges of emotions gone astray
it might return to softly bow in forgiveness
for that which I see in you
is only me
in view

with the eye of my heart
loving and kind
where stillness pervades
I feel my way
thru this house of mirrors
blinded by my own perceptions
I die before death and headless I turn
facing that which is hidden
in the sublime darkness
compassion fills the living chambers now
opening like a rose in its’ full glory
what I am feeling awakened
in the heart of my being
is you

Ears of my Heart

If my heart had ears ~ who would it hear
with an ear in the center of my chest
listening in earnest
it might hear

If my heart had ears ~ what would it hear
muffled behind the wall of my chest
hearing a myriad of sounds
I might pick and choose
to hear only

If my heart had ears ~ where would it hear
listening inside the temple of my chest
echoes of a distant past emerge
lying scattered on the path
the heart ear feels a kernel of truth
when the storytelling begins
hearing the glorious whispers
of a silent ear
in you

If my heart had ears ~ why would it hear
connecting me to a living vibration
listening to the underlying source
within the repeated tones
impressions appear
the sheer presence of absent sound
produces an everlasting effect

if I were ear hearts
I’d listen closely
at the altar
of your
heart ear

If I were a heart and if I had ears
I’d listen to the sweet melodies
of your voice
a reverberation in my beating pulse
day and night ~ night and day
striking the lunar like drum
with internal sound
a steady reminder
to call out
for only you

Sounds of my Heart

If my heart had a tongue ~ with whom would it speak
through you my beloved ~ to everyone
I would gladly lay prayers at your feet
and garland you with renewed faith
speaking aloud when inspired
being mindful of my words
my tongue scraped clean
of thoughtlessness
in the safety of your kingdom
I can allow everything
to live within me
in you

If my heart had a tongue ~ what would it say
sympathetic, kind and gentle words
within a passion play
love, lover and Beloved
the new being I am becoming
is reminded to speak
of only you

If my heart had a tongue ~ then where would it live
inside a listening ear ~ unafraid
inviting the most vulnerable to trust again ~ to be again
revealing their most inner truth
we could learn together
the sacred art of conversation
in the wake of being human
I can say it for you

If my heart had a tongue ~ why would it speak
being thoughtful now with mine
I would learn to hold it quietly
biding time for the moment
when a few simple words can say it all
for only you know
the true heart of your creation
and it is in you that I exist
and in you that I reflect
a golden silence
when what is not said
is held most sacred
in that quiet sound
lifted only
by you

Door of my Heart

If I were a heart ~ and if I could feel
I might reveal myself and open slowly to you
I could ache from the beauty of longing
and break from the fullness of joy

who can I trust
what will I feel
where might those very feelings live
and why on earth would I hide them
from you

how will I know
it is you my friend
who captures me
and holds me close
in those gossamer wings
singing to me ever so softly
a calming lullaby
inviting me sweetly home
into the loving embrace
of your warm
hearts fire

In Heart Love