Sauna for Detoxification and Healing

Private use of a full size Heavenly Heat far infrared sauna is offered as part of a wellness protocol. Sweating in a more controlled environment is the safest and easiest way to remove toxins from the body. The skin is said to be our largest organ after all. With the addition of the near infrared heat lamps the sauna experience drops into a whole new level. Both near and far infrared frequencies penetrate deeply into the tissues at much lower temperatures allowing the body to eliminate a variety of toxins.

Dry brushing the surface of the skin with both natural and copper bristles produces negative ions on the outer layers and can take the total experience of elimination through sweating even deeper.

The sauna can be used in a few different ways, in rounds cooling down in 20 minute increments using the thermogenic properties of hot and cold or used to raise the core heat of the body with a little longer duration. Either way it is ended with a wash and rinse off finish.

There are many sauna applications for home use. From the full size far infrared sauna equipped with ceramic heaters with or without the traditional heated rock box, the portable near infrared heat lamp sauna lights and steam cabinets with or without the use of ozone. There is a variety to suite the needs of most individuals in the privacy of in house needs.