Seeds of Truth

“the lies we tell ourselves”

it starts out simple
with something we say
to ourselves or each other
a well meaning “phrase or two”

“It’s all good”

let’s start with that
if life is “all” good, then
when events happen that crush our hearts
it’s a good thing, right?
for appearances sake
let’s run with that one and cut to the chase

“Time heals everything”

well … it doesn’t exactly
time waits patiently
to wound us yet one more time
by the sword or by the shield
let’s choose surrender

“You learn to live with it”

how does that work?
how does that feel to you?
it seems we have just put it away
for safe keeping or special occasions

time becomes a test then
to see what we will do with it
given time … we do our best
and find a way to cherish
the order of things

“They are in a better place”

maybe they aren’t
who’s to say here or there is better
while one aspect is “they will always be with us”
the benefit of reaching out
to a physical being
is lost
it’s our perception that’s changed that’s all
and where is there anyway?

“It was their Time”

how does anyone know
it wasn’t a mistake in timing
and that given just a little more time
something else may have occurred
with just a little bit more

“Everything happens for a reason”

I have said it myself
But … what is the reason?!
how does anyone console someone
who is facing loss with that
when their world is crumbling around them
may not be the time

perhaps if we look hard enough
the blessing will eventually appear
it was my death tho ~ not yours
so it is my blessing to find
my beauty to live

it’s something we get to “experience”
and hopefully “learn to live with”
cause we never really do “get over it”

“Something or Someone better will come along”

we can talk ourselves into almost anything
maybe we gave in too early
maybe we gave up too late
perhaps something new or different can happen
for the better or the worse
but for now
nothing eases the pain of transition
while life stands still
and the rest of the world keeps moving along
acting as though …

“It will all be okay in the end”

Time appears to be the theme
and we have convinced ourselves
that there is not enough time to do it all
that there is no time for you today
and not enough time to simply be here now
for tomorrow is already full
but in the end it’s all going to be okay!
when is this end going to get here?
where does time turn into space?

These are the lies we tell ourselves and others
wherein lie those “Seeds of Truth”

“This too Shall Pass”

this seems to be the only Truth that lasts
since every moment of every day
is passing like the tic tock of a clock
keeping time company with a pendulum swing

always ready for the cycle of change

the changes we are pushed into by the past
or pulled into by the future
reconciled only by the ever present moment
that says to us we can choose
just what we are being chiseled in to
by the eroding elemental forces
alongside the enduring weight of time

“There is all the time in the world”

we have lots of time, now
that is … until
we meet a distortion in time
which either extends our life for the day
or trips us on the light
and “time slips away”

we wrap our lives around something that passes
as a measurement we can count it
as a cycle we can watch it

but … where is time when

where is time
when the moment is so exquisitely
and painfully beautiful at the same time
when there is nothing to hold on to
and nowhere to go
except into the heart of the moment
where time passes quietly
from what was
to what is
to what will be

what is time then
when it feels like a drop
in the ocean of eternity?

I’ll meet you there in that moment
when time stands still
where we become the living witness’
of our dreams

In Heart Love