Humans have been producing and using sound for communication and healing for thousands of years. The human form itself can be compared to an instrument. When we are out of tune our functioning becomes somewhat impaired and seeks its’ true note to find balance.

Tuning forks were used for tuning musical instruments long before modern electronic tuners. When tuning forks are applied to the body sound produces tones of harmonic current. The waves of sound sustain a pitch that fills us and the sound can then open a flow along the energetic pathways.

In traditions around the world the Gong symbolizes the sun. The sound waves produced by the gong create an abundance of overtones that have an affect on our whole being. As a healing instrument the gong can produce harmonies that bring our internal systems into balance. The overtonal chaos and dissonant harmony enhances our ability to release impressions and invite change. By its’ very nature the gong is a tool of transformation. Our body attunes with the wall of sound, strengthening the nervous system and allowing us to reach deeper states of relaxation. The gong is also known to lower brainwave activity which can slow thought patterns and offers an experiential awareness as though in meditation or a dream.

Crystal bowls create pure tones. Our bodies are made up of numerous crystalline substances and have an organic affinity to quartz. Silicon crystal has the ability to vibrate us on a cellular level and transfer energy into the atmosphere, filling an individual with vibrational luster.

The Vibro Acoustic Massage Table takes listening to a whole new level. The speakers and transducers are built into the table. When the body hears the music through the table it is a felt sensation. It can respond to the gentle sound vibrations and turn our outer world into an inner state of deep calm and peace. The acoustic sounds take us on a journey within where we can experience ourselves more fully. What is it like being wrapped in sound as the body produces its’ own natural state of relaxation? Come feel it for yourself and experience sound as the healer ~ sound as the remedy.

Enjoy a 10 minute Gong Bath ~ for your listening pleasure set the volume on LOW