Light as the Remedy

The Tesla Energy Light frequency generator is a carousel array of crystal tubes filled with noble gases. When electrically charged the tubes light up and emit multiple frequencies that harmonize with the human being. The emission has a deep penetration into the body and can charge the water structures that comprise a large percentage of our cells. Our bodies are crystalline and bio photonic in nature so they respond well to light and color therapies.

When the body is fully charged with this subtle energy it is like a smooth running automobile. It is so easy to just sit back or lay on a table and literally soak in light frequencies. We can also receive these frequencies through the fully alive foods we eat, our charged breath, and a living connection to the earth. Our modern lifestyles can interfere with our natural ability to benefit from these frequencies.

Since there are no claims to be made we can only experience the Tesla Energy Light as a donor of full spectrum, highly charged ionic light that charges us back up when we feel depleted. While there has been lots of experimentation and research documented, it is for personal use. It appears to have a balancing effect and can be used in meditation to enhance conscious intention. When the lights have been on for longer periods of time during seasonal meditations the Hawks have appeared in the sky and circled high above as though joining us.

Some of the side effects are:

1) restructures water for better hydration
2) revitalizes the subtle energy of the body
3) aids in creating a softer heart space

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