LeAnn is a totally dedicated healer. Her time and energy and treasure have all been directed at detoxifying and healing herself and being a “Sherpa” to guide others up the same difficult mountain. She offers a wide array of intuitively chosen and applied modalities – massage, cranial-sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage, cupping, infrared sauna rounds, sound therapies, esoteric patterning, ear coning, tapping (EFT), and Tesla and Rife energy medicine. She is much much more than a massage therapist.

In a typical session we start with sauna rounds and then I snuggle under warm blankets on her surround sound massage table. It is like being massaged by music. Then we tune in and ask for Guidance for the session and she begins to communicate with my body. It is as if she can see inside of me and knows exactly what is going on and how to help. No two sessions are the same. One session may be cupping to get my connective tissue loosened up. It’s like getting a reverse massage, as the tissues are lifted and separated rather than compressed. Or she might be drawn to an esoteric array of sacred geometry on my back, which seems to mysteriously blast me past incompletely understood internal hurdles. Or sometimes we simply sit quietly and sink into the Stillness – that dark velvet place where true healing can occur.

LeAnn – my therapist, my healer, my sister, my friend. In my imagination, a visit to LeAnn’s is akin to consulting the Village Wise Woman back in the time before modern medicine came to be dominated by men and their patent medicines. It is the place I chose to go to heal.

Janet Meek

February 5, 2016

Of all the massage therapists I’ve used over the years, LeAnn is by far above & beyond. Her magic fingers are able to untie all the knots without leaving me bruised for days. LeAnn Harling is the best kept secret in Fredericksburg.

KCB ~ Mason Texas

February 24, 2016

I met LeAnn over twenty years ago through one of my most trusted employees, and I was one of LeAnn’s first clients after she received her registration to practice massage therapy in 1998. She helped me with some old athletic injuries that worsened as I aged when specialist physicians had no solutions other than pain medications or surgery.

During my career which demanded long hours and was frequently stressful, her massage therapy relieved that stress and allowed my body to meet my career demands. There is no doubt in my mind that LeAnn’s massages have helped me to stay healthy and improved the quality of my life for the past 20 years. I have referred her to my friends who have all benefited from her “healing hands”.

Rene' Cameron

February 26, 2016

LeAnn Harling is a World Class, intuitive and knowledgeable massage therapist. You should consider a session or more with her when you are in the Fredericksburg area.

Mary Gallagher

June 13, 2017