The Fisherman and Me

day by day
night by night
~ she floats ~
suspended and held in eternal love
wrapped inside the cosmic waves of creation
she waits for the blues and golds of heaven and earth
to emanate translucent light

Princess Brianna prays
“find me so I can know you
lift me from the stillness of thought
into the awareness that spares me from living alone in my heart”

day by day ~ night by night
he returns to the bay
sitting within the boat of his heart ~ afloat in the generosity of his giving
he shares his daily catch with those who hunger for life

a fisherman among men
William opens his heart and prays
“send me a sign that You have not forsaken me
let love abide in it’s fullness
backing me with the fire of my own twin flame
show me to the quantum pond”

The Princess Brianna looks inward into a whirlpool of light
exalted by the fabric of her own radiance
crystallizing her deepest desires
she softly cries out for justice

The fisherman gazes upon the oceans seemingly endless horizon
and while casting his nets onto the open sea
he softly speaks his needs

day after day ~ night after night
they dream each other into one being
One Heart

Nahnibel & Mayakoda