The Intruder

It enters
ever so softly
this intrusion of light

declaring itself
an imminent presence
bowing to the eternal dawn
as it pushes against the shades
of a long dark night

resisting the interplay
with its own delicate strength
darkness welcomes the advancing ray
cascading its shimmering fractal
onto the bridge of existence
allowing complete access
to the palace of ruins

the path of darkness is the invitation
for a divine spark to be awakened
in every soul

light permeates
the sacred vessel
with awareness
collecting ~ holding
becoming the container
for a profusion of light
pouring into the inner sanctuary
of a feeling heart

in the safety of the realms
it cuts like a knife
through the illusory veil of being
for light can only emanate and reflect
in contrast to a darkened source

embodiment can then be met
with a lamp of discernment
when the eye of divinity
casts its loving glance
on the shadows
of light

In the One Heart