The Magic of Mask * Myth and Sound

I’d like to introduce a workshop that has been formulating inside me, waiting for expression, for a very long time. The Mask * Myth and Sound is a very experiential wisdom and a unique combination of creativity and healing.

The Mask is dualistic in its’ use. It is symbolic of ancient ritual and a piece of wardrobe in a passion play. In ritual the shaman / healer takes on different personas to provoke an effect and in a passion play it is used to both tell and become the story. There is safety in masking and it is a powerful way to unveil ourselves.

The Myth is an archetypal story we all tell. Something we usually identify as our deepest joy or our deepest wound within us. We can create a story that expresses our hearts sensations and from a distance find neutrality. An awareness can develop that we are much more than our stories and we use the story itself as a way to find freedom and empowerment through expression.

The Sound is the embodiment of the natural sounds the human being makes. Focused around sounding the name, concentrating on vowels with soft consonant support, the body plays itself and is nurtured by the sounds it makes. Our name has had so many inflections put on it over our lifetime that when it is sung in a prayerful state it can lift us into an acceptance of ourselves. It is is so magical when we become the instrument of giving and receiving our song of songs.

In silence we can simply be the witness for something that is felt. Holding space for each other as though we are the container for the experience to be fully felt. It can then, with our blessing, dissolve back into the big emptiness. Sharing the sacred heart of what has transpired within the course of an afternoon well spent.

Lets celebrate this life together and shed some layers at the same time, supporting one another in an authentic and trusting way. This workshop is for both men and women, allowing us to be with each other in a very dynamic way.

What to bring :

a scarf, bandana, or shawl
a blanket and small pillow
a mask if you have one ~ tho some will be provided