wrapped in a cocoon
metamorphosing in a molten glass tunnel
I am protected by an invisible hand

tucked in ~ rolled up
this inner state is boundless
inside me the stillness is shaking
lifting a collage of broken images
and felt impressions into view

released from the static channel
of recycled and repeated patterns
unbinding the chains of my personal will
I loosen the karmic grip of individuation
and seek refuge in the heart of conception

held in the spiral arms of creation
I blaze in a kundalini fire
electricity flooding fiercely
through what is my form

I am swept away by the chaotic calm
of a perfect storm

I have been thrown to the wind
bending with the willows
weeping in supplication
I bow before death ~ headless

memories are uploaded
from my subtle energy field
clearing the path
for a renewal
of existential light within

I am a lump of clay
to be thrown once more
fired in the kiln

return again … return again
return to the land of my birth
where the wondrous beauty
of crystalline structures
reminds me

I don’t exist ~ except in you

love, lover and beloved
my gentle friend ~ shatterer of my world
you are the keeper of the mystery unseen
awakener of the world from sleep
deliverer of a living message
from which grows only trust
in the divine being who is
breathing me

freed from the programming
of an ancient and limited mind
I am in Awe of the One
and the power of the dark rift
that resides in the core
of our galactic center

a portal opens
shining a beacon of light
into our illumined eye

spinning in a zodiacal wheel of procession
I travel from house to house
born and reborn again

I am a curious guest visiting thru out time
on my way to an eternal home

a transient wisp rises
the breeze whispers a secret
penetrating my naked soul with song

reality engulfs my sensory perceptions
bringing alive a visceral response
to the peek inside
the veiled realms of Spirit

an arrow shoots
from the quivering bow of Orion
piercing through to the heart of the bear

betrayed in that single moment
wounded by the striking blow
a deep and exquisite ache implodes
a Wild Pleasure passes through
a treasure to behold

tears flow as the swelling river
meets with and becomes an open ocean

we merge into the Oneness of Love
free from the mantle of our embodiment
and the narrow passage in which it is contained

we are liberated by this quest for freedom
unbound by the sacred journey
seized by the flaming heart of Divinity
disguised as another
Human Being

In the One Heart